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Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer for Desiccated Coconut (VFBD)

We at GEM, specialize in the manufacturing of Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryers which is the latest technology used in the industry. GEM VFBD is designed with two zones in the plenum chamber.

The first zone with the higher temperature evaporates maximum moisture of the feed material at a constant rate.

The second zone or the lower temperature zone evaporates maximum moisture in a controlled manner.

A cold air blower is provided for creating a lower temperature in the second zone. These two temperature drying mechanism prevents yellowing of Desiccated Coconut and produces superior quality of the product compared to other drying systems.
GEM VFBDs provide an effective method of drying, relatively free-flowing particles with a reasonably narrow particle size distribution - such as wet grated coconut. In a vibrating fluid bed dryer, wet grated coconut is fed onto a specially designed fluidizing plate, which is mounted on a plenum chamber. The fluidizing plate is a specially designed perforated plate that has holes (nozzles) through which the hot air passes. The entire structure of the plenum chamber is suspended on leaf springs and vibrated with an eccentric shift drive. The body of the dryer vibrates or oscillates, assisting the movement of the grated coconut through the dryer.

The hot air is introduced into the plenum chamber by a heavy-duty hot air centrifugal fan. The plenum chamber is a pressurized box that distributes the hot air evenly across the fluidizing plate. The hot air passes through the perforated plates into the drying chamber and interacts with the coconut, lifting and maintaining the feed in a fluidized state termed a bed. The bed attains fluid-like properties, flowing and mixing in a similar fashion to the liquid. The fluidization provides intimate contact between each material particle and the hot air stream, creating an efficient transfer device.

Once the hot air has transferred the energy to the material, it enters the expansion chamber, where the velocity of the hot air is reduced to allow entrained particles to fall out of suspension back into the bed. From there, the hot air is induced into a dust collection system - such as a cyclone. Fluid bed systems require dust control due to the nature of the air/coconut interaction. The dried and free-flowing Desiccated Coconut is discharged from the other end of the dryer at room temperature.

GEM VFBDs, can also be used for drying coconut parings. Similar dyers can also be used for drying coconut chips and toasted Desiccated Coconut.
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